The second you were asked and you said, “yes”, your legacy together began. Congratulations!  You both have chosen to be exclusive to one another.  Your love for the one you are to marry is more than precious!  You deserve to have your precious love visually documented with unique artwork from your styled engagement photo session.  Your artistic engagement photos will tell the story of your love to your family and friends at your wedding and home. This is what we believe.  You deserve nothing less than this!

Check out our art below.  Please let us know how we can help. 

Engagement Photos: Why Are They So Important?


Four 2 North makes sure that your engagement pictures are more than just a snapshot in time. We know from experience that great engagement photos don’t just happen. 

Getting to know you and your fiancé’s style and personalities is important to us so that we can capture your true emotion and love for one another.  When it comes time for your wedding photos you will be very comfortable working with us making your wedding images amazing.

How can we help?


Sessions for your engagement photos are tailored to ensure we capture the true essence of your love for one another.  This is why we spend a considerable amount of time planning and preparing for your session. We work with you to find the perfect location that fits your personality and send you fashion tips to ensure your images will be remarkable.

Many of our wedding collections include sessions for engagement photos. Click here to learn more about our wedding photography.

Engagement sessions are 2 hours in length and include multiple locations and outfit changes.  Sessions are $299.  Please let us know how we can be of service.

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