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Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer – Part 1

There are so many photographers in the market today. Finding the perfect one can be hard. In this blog, we have listed a few of the questions we have gotten from bride and grooms over the years.

Key questions to ask any wedding photographer you may hire:

  • Do you have insurance? Professional photographers will have insurance. This protects both you and the photographer. Some locations will not allow photographers to do weddings unless they have insurance.

  • How will you back up my images? It is not a matter of if, it is how will they back up your images for this once in a lifetime event. This should be non-negotiable.

  • Do you offer wedding albums in all your collection? Some photographers do not and others may offer them as an additional item to purchase after your wedding which could be another expense. At Four 2 North, all of our wedding collections include a wedding album. Some of our albums are of museum quality and they include a limited lifetime warranty.

  • What type of lighting do you use for your wedding photography? This is really important because the lighting changes throughout the day. The wedding may be outside, but the reception inside. So, if your photographer does not use off camera flash then you may have images that are dark.

  • Do you provide a wedding day photography timeline? The photography timeline is key in capturing your day. It lays out what is going to happen when. This helps us capture every moment that is important to you.

  • Can I see more of your work? Ask them if you can see more of their work… Some photographers will only show you their best and not anything else. We send brides a sample gallery of one wedding that has about 175 images.

  • How many digital images do you get? Are they edited? At Four 2 North, you will receive about 700 – 900 professionally edited images. Our digital images come on a flash drive that has a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

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