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Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer – Part 2

(Preface) There are so many photographers in the market today. Finding the perfect one can be hard. In this blog, we have listed a few of the questions we have gotten from bride and grooms over the years.

Questions to ask any photographer you may hire for your wedding day

If you have not read Part one you can do so here.

  • Do you offer prints or other products? There are so many photographers who offer digital-only. If you want something more make sure the photographer(s) offer products. We offer an album in every collection plus canvases, acrylic, metal prints, and fine art prints.

  • How many images will I get from my wedding? For a typical 8 hour wedding day your photographer should get plenty of images of your entire day. We give you around 700 to 800 images on a flash drive that is in a custom box.

  • Will the images we receive be edited? A professional photographer should edit all the images you receive. We take it a step further. We have partnered with expert professional editors to edit your images. Each image you receive will be perfect.

  • How long does it take to see my images after our wedding? There are a few photographers who will have your images ready in a few weeks to some photographers take as long as 8 weeks. Since we send your images to our professional editing team we will invite you to our studio in 2 weeks to view your images. This is above industry standards.

  • Where can I see more of your work? Some photographers will only show you their portfolio. If you would like to see a partial gallery of about 175 images from a wedding we did you can click HERE.

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