Our photography story unfolds from a place of personal challenge and resilience.  The passion ignited when Tracy's brother, John, faced brain cancer, and I confronted colon cancer.  Inspired by John's desire to explore Alaska, my father-in-law orchestrated and incredible journey for our families.  Armed with a new camera, we embarked on this transformative adventure, documenting every moment. 

Our love for travel and photography blossomed as we captured family vacations in D.C., Sedona, Orlando, New Orleans, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and beyond.  Thousands of photos marked the beginning of our photography journey, leading us through countless trips, weddings, and engagements, fueling our enduring passion for storytelling through the lens.

Meet Gary & Tracy

Our journey Through lens & LOVE

I never want to stop making memories with you


Be it a destination or local wedding, our desire is for you to feel completely at home in front of our cameras.  What we cherish are the natural and authentic expressions that happen when people are truly comfortable.  Our primary focus is to tell your story in the most genuine manner possible, documenting everything from the pre-wedding preparations to your exciting reception.

We are dedicated to documenting the raw human connections that define your love story, making sure every special moment is preserved to be placed in your heirloom album.  Beyond the wedding day, we extend our commitment with your special world wedding image premier at our studio, providing you with an intimate space to relive and cherish the emotions we have captured.  

Embracing authenticity

"Gary and Tracy are the best! Highly Recommend them for all photographs!"
- Emily H.