Destination weddings offer a unique blend of adventure and romance, creating unforgettable memories for couples and their guests.  Planning a destination wedding can be daunting and requires careful preparation. To make sure your destination wedding is a well-planned and exciting adventure, here are three essential tips to guide you.

1. Research Your Dream Destination Thoroughly: Selecting the perfect destination is the foundation of a successful wedding abroad. The first step is researching potential locations, considering the climate, local wedding regulations, and the overall feel of the location. There are many aspects to consider, such as travel convenience, accommodation options, and whether there are local vendors for your wedding.  It is a good idea to talk with destination or local wedding planners who are familiar with the area, as they may have great insight into any unique challenges and opportunities in the location you desire.

2. Plan Well in Advance: Weddings Abroad require a longer planning timeline than your traditional weddings, therefore it is recommended to start the process well in advance. Book your venue early to secure your date especially if you are planning your wedding in peak wedding season. The next step is to communicate with and book your vendors to ensure they are available for your date. Also, give your guests a lot of notice so they can make travel arrangements.  To help your guest feel at ease, provide an itinerary with travel tips.  Destination wedding planners will have an itinerary like this ready for you in advance.

3. Embrace the Local Culture in Your Celebrations: Having your wedding in another country allows you and your guests to explore and be a part of the local culture.  One way to make your wedding memorable is to infuse aspects of the culture into it.  You could choose to serve local cuisine or have native flowers in your bouquet.  Another option is to have local musicians at your ceremony and reception.  Implementing the culture into your wedding will only enhance your and your guests’ experience at the wedding.  Finally, it will connect your love story to the destination.

A destination wedding takes considerable planning and attention to detail, however, done right, it can be a magical, stress-free experience.  By thoroughly researching, planning, and incorporating local culture, you will be able to have the destination wedding of your dreams!

Check out some of our destination photos from Ireland below and on our portfolio page here!


Love Abroad: Three Tips for Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding

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